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Skills & Experties

I was in my 11th Grade (2013) when I was first introduced to a High-Level Language. I was using a September 5, 2006, stable release of software used to Evaluate my list of commands and Translate it to a sequence of binaries with a press of a simple keyboard shortcut "Ctrl+F9" or "Alt+R+Enter". My learning progressed by always being eager to include two libraries for every program, adding a prefix that means NOTHING to the program starter function & a semi-colon for every line. My frequent VIPs - Pointers use to motivate & point me to the place where I must add a STAR to get other's data from memory, which eventually saved me from going crazy seeing my data lost in the sequence of '0x0123456789ABCDEF' or similar.

Funny, Though, I learnt the Extended version of the language first and later struggled with the Basic Letter. Over the course, I felt like a HERO after I magically decremented the errors from 32 to ZERO ("Success: Press any Key") in a Tower-of-Hanoi-with-Pointers-Recursion-&-Classes.CPP file.

Well!!!, I was learning C++ (first) and C (second) with turbo C Compiler (developed for windows) with pure dedication from my Teacher 'Sir Keshav Murthi'. Who gave me (and others) a solid foundation for commanding computers in human-understandable language.

These lessons on how to stand eventually made me run to catch for modern advanced Pythons, Cran & Dockers. My Store rooms named SQL & MongoDB helps me securely store my catch. Git; my logbook helps committed to my tasks and keep me well Organised. Currently, I am utilising all my skills to explore the Thick Ever Growing Dark Forests 'AI', 'Data Science', 'Statistical Techniques', and 'Blockchain'.

My wandering places, primarily above, will take some time to visit areas like 'Advance Software Engineering' & 'Big Data' to find paths to connect Myself and other cross-connections between Forests. (...which has made me an architect of this site)


Android Developer - Accord Global Technological Solutions

(Feb-2019 to Mar-2019)

'The Senate' (My College, My Friends & My Family) of my assembly in the Year 2019 encouraged me to get a Corporate Experience. The Internship was the best bet. An Opportunity at Accord Global Technological Solutions was benefitting, (a). My College to grant me credit for my subject & to showcase their training expertise to the future market, (b). My employer to Exploit the workforce without investment (funds & resources). (c). Me with no Stipend & Increased Expenditure. With the addition of another member - My Employer to 'The Senate', The 4M's felt like everything was Perfect from their Desk.

While My Desk was perfectly imperfect, with an Asus laptop running Windows 10 (cracked) on a Core 2 duo intel processor, 2 Gigs of memory, hard spinning 350GB hard disk drive, a leaky Battery & a Android Studio with Emulator setup, waiting like a Hungry Beast to suckup every second of mine.

On the other side, I learnt with all my Good Will & Enthusiasm... 1. Android Development, 2. Software Development processes 3. Development Protocols, 4. Documenting, 5. Communicating with the team, 6. Handling Pressure & Deployment Issues, 7. Effective Money Management (because of (c). above) 8. Professional Ethics, 9. Lots & Lots of Patience from Mr. Asus. Finally, I finished my Internship in 2 months which was intended to be 3 months, with an offer to join the Company. Most importantly, I saved 1/3rd of my total investment by completing my work in 2 months.

My take-away for myself and others; 2. Make sure to have a good computer or modify the project to fit your computer. 1. Ask for a Stipend!!!. 0. Never Ever reject the Offer Letter (like this or in similar situations). (2022 - when rewriting this byte of memory, Interns are still offered without Stipends, Please Offer them Competitively!!! if you are not a 'HR' like me)