The Author !!!
(2019 - Out of Fantasy)
◆ Mohith Gowda Heggur Ramesh (is My Full Name. You can call me) Mohith.
◆ hr.mohith.gowda (atgmail.com is my personal@email.address)

I can relate (myself) to the characteristics of characters from a game from 6 AC. The traits of heroes in the game of Chess (ā˛šā˛Ļāŗā˛°ā˛‚ā˛—).

  1. I am driven by two things 1. Aim & 2. Focus (I am a failure if any one of them is missing), and do unitasking; Like the pawn aims to rank up to Get Promotion or Underpromotion.
  2. 'C' for Castle; 'C' for Confident & Strong, I am.
  3. Unique, Complex & Highly Detail Oriented, my views and work are, similar to the Knight.
  4. I am Spiritual and bound by Rules & Promises (always) like a Bishop is tied to a White or Black array of Tiles.
  5. The Queen - Any No. of Steps, Any Direction, Any Tile; & I am - Extremely Hard Working, Overthinker and Ambivert.
  6. Peace is the King of my life, for which I fight to protect.
Well, do you like to play chess!!!

My Stories...

I feel and have witnessed several times that, Things Happen! (beyond our control), and they are always Good. Patience & Courage to accept and see the Good out of uneven events is what is Essential. Its like Isolating Gold from Dirt. Sometimes, even small events teach Great things. They add more value to our lives.

I have come across many such uneven times. When I look back, I say, "Wow...How well Timed & Planned it was for me." From the actions, place to people in the plot. Out of many such events, I list a few significant ones that have transformed my life. I lay them out here and here as well.

My Pitch...

I mostly spend my time researching Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Statistics and Blockchain related topics. Here is a list of other stuff I have experience with. If you are looking forward to collaborating or seak for help on the aforementioned topics, reach out to me, and I would be happy to Help.

I love to write, Particularly research papers. My journey has just begun & My Professor, Dr Jamie, is my Inspiration. Here's my Portfolio. I would be delighted in joining your research group and contributing to bringing novelty and innovation to the project in areas of my interest (as mentioned before).

Please find my details here, if you are looking forward to hiring me for a designated role.

I only prefer Email. So, please email if you wish to Collaborate, Seak Help or Looking to Hire. (No Spam Please...)

Ack... & Thanks-To...

  1. Declaration: This is a Personal Website built out of Passion & doesn't encompass Commercial Factors.
  2. ...the authors of Cambria, IndulgeScript, Noteworthy, & YouthTouch.
  3. ...You, if you had cited me as 'Mohith Gowda HR'(http://mghr.org) for using any of my works.(if any)
  4. ...You Of Course for Tolerating me!!!